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muchas gracias por tu activo use en mi primer juego

Eres lo Mejor Crack :) 


i hate to be rude but i dont have the right things to open a rar file and wanted to ask if you may have the sprites in a simple zip file as well? If not im sorry but i was curious


Don't worry about it, it's not rude at all.

I just uploaded a .zip file version as well so you can go ahead and download that one.

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thank you so much

Hey great asset, 

i don't want to sound dumb but do you have the names of all the weapons? would really help

Sorry, I don't. When I did the artwork, I didn't come up with any names, I just made it, so there were never any names to begin with. Feel free to call them anything you like.

Nice!!!!!  <3 <3

These are nice assets for being free.  YOU deserve the credit for at least offering this asset pak!

What is Item_54

A white and red headband.

Youre too kind for this! we need more people like you :)