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72 sprites that each fit a 16x16 grid. Sprites provided as one sheet and as individual 16x16 files. All files are PNG files. Backgrounds are transparent. All sprites are done with DawnBringer's 32 color palette. Each sprite has a black outline.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorAlex's Assets
Tags2D, Fantasy, items, JRPG, Medieval, Pixel Art, Retro, Sprites
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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16x16 RPG Item Pack.rar 34 kB
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hey, I’m currently studying a uni course for full stack developement, I’ve been trying to find item resource materials for a table top RPG I’m building as a project! 

I was wondering if at all it was possible to use your artwork for my items in game and on the upcoming website? Of course you will be placed as the original creator under credits and referencing on the webpage along with the game! 

Thanks in advance 


Sure! Feel free to use it in your project.

your amazing, is there any specific handle you want to use or any social media you’d like for people to find you? 

Just a link to the asset page or my profile page is fine if you want to credit me.

of course I’d credit you, not gonna steal your work as my own! I’ll credit your page in the about us part of the website etc thanks so much 

Would you mind putting a proper license on this? The Free Software Foundation has a good explanation of why “informal licenses” are bad. (TL;DR: In some countries, the law might interpret a not-precise-enough license statement as invalid and, thus, “All Rights Reserved”.)

(If you want to see how far that “other jursidictions” thing goes, take a look at this analysis of how far the CC0 has to go to achieve “like Public Domain” status in Germany’s “protect the creator from giving away too much” system.

(eg. Germany’s legal system prevents you from giving away rights that didn’t exist at the time you made your statement, so the CC0 includes a clause where you make a legally binding promise not to sue over rights that get written into law later.)

Once you’ve got a license on it, it’ll probably wind up in my Libre Game Assets list and I’m willing to do that for any asset set you put up under a suitable license.

No problem.

I've updated all of my currently available asset pages to be under CC0.

Thanks. :)

I’ve added them all to my list.

This is and pack 2 are really great sets. I used it in a code-along in https://berubejd.itch.io/roguelike. Thank you for sharing it!

Just checked out your project and it's pretty nice!


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sorry to annoy you i saw that you said  (Assets can be used in whatever you want. Credit not required) (but i have to ask to be sure) can i use some assets to my rpg top down game you will be at the credits 

No problem, and yes, you can use them in whatever you want. Credits are appreciated but not required.


muchas gracias por tu activo use en mi primer juego


Eres lo Mejor Crack :) 


i hate to be rude but i dont have the right things to open a rar file and wanted to ask if you may have the sprites in a simple zip file as well? If not im sorry but i was curious


Don't worry about it, it's not rude at all.

I just uploaded a .zip file version as well so you can go ahead and download that one.

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thank you so much

Hey great asset, 

i don't want to sound dumb but do you have the names of all the weapons? would really help


Sorry, I don't. When I did the artwork, I didn't come up with any names, I just made it, so there were never any names to begin with. Feel free to call them anything you like.

Nice!!!!!  <3 <3

These are nice assets for being free.  YOU deserve the credit for at least offering this asset pak!

What is Item_54

A white and red headband.

Youre too kind for this! we need more people like you :)